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January 18 and 19: Mozart in Nashville presents Mozart’s 263rd Birthday Concert

  • St. George’s Episcopal Church (map)

Mozart in Nashville
Mozart’s 263rd Birthday Concert

Friday, January 18th at noon, St. George’s Episcopal Church
Saturday, January 19th at 3pm, W.O. Smith School
Suggested Donation of $10 benefits The Little Pantry That Could

Mozart in Nashville Is thrilled to present a unique program to celebrate Mozart’s 263rd Birthday, “Mozart in Transcription; Mozart not in transcription.”

The concert opens with founder Roger Wiesmeyer, joined by pianist Francoise Pierredon, performing the 40th Symphony  in G minor. Wiesmeyer explains, “Playing the symphonic repertoire in piano four-hand transcription was a favorite pastime  in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Before the dawn of WWI, it was really the only way amateurs could enjoy symphonic literature as concerts were rare and expensive. I can’t imagine a more intimate way to experience this music.”

The second half of the concert features an instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin—yes THAT Benjamin Franklin! The Glass Armonica became all the rage in Europe in the 1780s and 90s. This rare instrument builds on the idea of playing wine glasses, but instead of rubbing the glasses arranged on a table, the crystal bowls themselves are on a moving spindle , allowing the the player to simply touch the bowls with their fingers.

“To the best of my knowledge, this instrument is having its Nashville debut with these concerts,” Wiesmeyer explains.  “We are privileged to have Dennis James, the world’s foremost virtuoso of the glass armonica join us in the performance of two pieces that Mozart wrote for this unique instrument.”

This concert is underwritten by Dr. Ken Niermann and Mr. Aaron Connolly.  Mozart in Nashville is grateful for their generous support.