Mayoral Runoff Candidates August 18 NOAH Public Meeting

This Sunday afternoon, is the NOAH public meeting of the mayoral runoff candidates, 15th Avenue Baptist Church (1203 Ninth Ave North). Come hear what the two candidates, David Briley and John Cooper have to say about NOAH’s key issues: Affordable Housing, Education, and Economic Equity and Jobs. To carpool from GNUUC, gather near the main entrance, at 2:00 pm.

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Contribute to the FLUSH campaign for Goal 2: Beautification of the Building!

We are now accepting donations for GOAL 2 August Beautification of the Building. If you would like to donate to the Beautification efforts, please write a check to GNUUC and put “FLUSH” in the memo line. The amount needed for GOAL 2 is $2,310 ($3,110 less $800 from B&G). We have commitments from individuals and other congregational accounts for $750! Thank you to those individuals and team leaders who have stepped forward. That leaves us with $1,560 that still needs to be generated for GOAL 2. Please be generous!

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The Urban Green Lab - August 2019 Share the Plate organization

“At Urban Green Lab, we teach communities how to live sustainable lives ... working to ensure all of us have access to sustainable living education ... a focus on classrooms, households, and workplaces -- places where culture begins -- transforming spaces into “labs” ... connecting institutions with services, and encouraging people to feel good about being part of the solution." Urban Green Lab - Kroger Compost Pilot, MNPS

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