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Sunday, May 26, 2019: CRE: Summer Fun Sundays Start, Volunteers Needed

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CRE: Summer Fun Sundays Start May 26

Volunteers Needed

During the summer we combine all the Children and Youth classes into a single class and have fun, UU-friendly activities.

We are looking for 2 Adult Volunteers to supervise the children each Sunday. This is a perfect time for those of you who would like to volunteer a single Sunday with our RE programming to see if you like it.

We have Primary Adult slots open: May 26, June 16, July 7, and July 14. The Primary Adult comes up with the activity, which could be as simple as playground /free play to something more structured.

We have Helper Adult slots open: May 26, June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7, and July 14. The Helper Adult just shows up to be a 2nd adult.

If you can volunteer, please contact Kristin Reveal at There is a Safety orientation packet that she will review with you before you can volunteer.


What are Summer Fun Sundays?

During Summer Fun Sundays we combine the children's RE classes into a single multi-age group. We ask for adult volunteers to sponsor a Sunday and come up with fun UU-friendly activities to do for the children. Activities could be as simple as "free play indoors or outdoors" or there could be a planned lesson or activity.

What are the Volunteer Roles?

  • The Primary Adult is responsible for planning what the kids are going to do that Sunday. It could be as simple as "free play" inside and "playground." It can also be themed, like game day, puzzle day, lego day, or water day. Or it could be organized, like "make puppets," "paint rock pets," "make a puppet show."

  • The Helper Adult just shows up and helps out as a 2nd adult.

  • The Youth Teen Volunteers are youth aged 13 - 18 who help supervise and participate in activities with the kids. I will have them sign the "Youth working with younger children" form before this summer.

What if my Youth Teen does not want to participate in the Summer Fun Sunday?

Youth who are not helping out or participating in the activity are welcome to hang out quietly in the Youth room or attend service with their parents.

Is there Funding for Supplies?

The RE classroom have many supplies. However, some times special projects need special items! If you need supplies that we don't have, let me know your budget first. Then keep your receipt and I can fill out the reimbursement form for you. Keep to a budget of $30 or less.

Managing size. 

If there are more than 6 children, consider breaking them into 2 groups by age. Have one group go to the playground while the other group does the activity and then swap.  Use Youth Volunteers to keep the 2 supervisor ratio. I can introduce you to the youth who show up and we can make a plan. Many of the youth are great at helping with the younger children as aids for more complicated activities as well.

Past Summer Fun Sunday Themes:

- Painting Murals

- Praying Mantis

- Pride month! Pride activities

- Decorating Cookies

- Worms and Composting

- Modern day heros and heorines

- Minecraft

- Cooperative Games

- Labyrinths - create chalk labryinth and walk it

- Mentos on Skateboards

- Arts and Crafts

- Cranes - create 1000 cranes as symbol to end racism

- Painting 615 rocks

- Outdoor Play

- Obstacle course

- Making Puppets

- Art Project and Playground

- Science Experiments

- Kiddie Pools Galore

- Indoor Board Games

- Make playdough