Sunday Lunch Updates - Did you know you can prepay on Breeze?

We’re changing the way we do a few things to better align our lunch practice with our UU principles!

Pay What You Can - Suggested Donation $5

To better embody our 1st and 2nd principles, lunch is now PAY WHAT YOU CAN every week, including potluck week. Our observations indicate that, on average, we feed about sixty people per week with about forty people paying. Therefore, the suggested donation is now $5 per plate. Please be generous in helping us embody accessibility and abundance! Children are not expected to pay for lunch.

Option: Pay for Lunch in Breeze

You can now pay for your lunch through Breeze!!! Set up automatic payments and never worry about having cash again!

This form links directly to Breeze. Breeze uses Stripe as their vendor. Your payment here will show up in your Breeze record. It looks up your record by email address, so enter the email that you use in Breeze. If you are not in Breeze or use a different email address, it will let Kristin know and she will manually associate your record. (If Breeze already has your payment information, it is faster to use Breeze, as you do not need to reenter your information.)

This form defaults to setting up payment of $5 for a one-time transaction. Feel free to change the amount or frequency fields. For example, you could setup a recurring lunch prepayment by entering $5 and with weekly payments. You could prepay for 4 lunches by entering $20 and one-time gift. (It is up to you to track lunches you have paid for!)

Those who donate lunch items can turn in their receipts for reimbursement. Coordinate with Annie Terrell to donate lunch items. Depending on the amount of the receipt you will be reimbursed with cash from the lunch collection plate OR you will be reimbursed via bank check from our bank. In the next couple of weeks we will be also be setting up Venmo to pay for lunch or for receipt reimbursement.

Allergies? Want More of Your Favorite Foods? Fill out Lunch Survey

Look for more changes coming to the lunchroom and an opportunity to tell us what you need from us - see the Lunch Feedback form on the bulletin board near the lunch line!

Contact Annie Terrell if you have any questions or to volunteer!