FLUSH Campaign Update: Only $505 to go to replace toilets!


The FLUSH Campaign Continues! Only $505 to go to replace toilets!

The FLUSH - Facility Long-term Upgrades to Sanitation & HVAC campaign has officially begun.

As of May 1, 2019, we have raised $1,995. We only have $505 to go to meet GOAL 1 and replace our toilets!

Campaign Goals

This campaign runs kind of like a kick starter. First, we will reach GOAL 1, then we will add GOAL 2, then GOAL 3, and so on.

  • GOAL 1: $2,500: Replace old, failing toilets with modern low-flow toilets!

  • GOAL 2: Replace Main building AC/heating!

  • GOAL 3: Paint and caulk building exteriors!

  • GOAL 4: Replace carpets!

  • GOAL 5: Repair, seal and line parking lot!!

  • GOAL 6: Paint building interiors!

  • GOAL 7: Secure our windows, reduce utilities with safety film!

How do you participate?

There a many ways to participate:

  • Write a check to “GNUUC” with “FLUSH” in the memo field and put it into the Sunday offering basket.

  • Write a check to “GNUUC” with “FLUSH” in the memo field and hand it to someone on the Finance Team: Jesse, Kristin, Doug, Mary H, Ryan.

  • Write a check to “GNUUC” with “FLUSH” in the memo field mail to
    Greater Nashville UU Congregation
    374 Hicks Road
    Nashville, TN 37221

  • On Breeze, click on the Give Now button and choose “FLUSH Campaign” as the fund.

Flush Donation.png

All FLUSH donations will go to the Building Capital Fund until the GOAL is met. Then the purchase will be made.