Contribute to the FLUSH campaign for Goal 2: Beautification of the Building!

Contribute to the FLUSH campaign for the August Beautification Effort

We are in the process of making improvements to the exterior and interior of our building before Rev. Dan Rosermergy’s memorial service.

A BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers who are making this happen! There are many volunteers who are helping clean up the building. We have also hired a company to paint the front of the building and repair the eves. The front of the building has been painted and eves repaired. This cost $2,050. We are also having a professional landscaping company to beautify the shrubs and grounds around the building. This costs $1,060. These two expenses total $3,110.

As we did not expect to have these expenses in August, and the B&G Repairs & Improvement budget currently has $800 available, we have created a new goal in our FLUSH Campaign: GOAL 2 August Beautification of the Building.

The FLUSH campaign balance is $3,197.39. This means we now have the funds available for GOAL 1 $2,500 for bathroom upgrades in the main and RE building. Congratulations everyone!

We are now accepting donations for GOAL 2 August Beautification of the Building. If you would like to donate to the Beautification efforts, please write a check to GNUUC and put “FLUSH” in the memo line. The amount needed for GOAL 2 is $2,310 ($3,110 less $800 from B&G). We have commitments from individuals and other congregational accounts for $750! Thank you to those individuals and team leaders who have stepped forward. That leaves us with $1,560 that still needs to be generated for GOAL 2. Please be generous!

To read more about the Flush Campaign or make an online donation, click: Donate to the FLUSH Campaign.

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