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July 14 at 3pm! Nashville: Who Is The “IT CITY” For? Public Meeting, Mayoral Candidates


NOAH’s issues, determined at the recent issues convention that GNUUC representatives attended, are the issues of education, affordable housing, and economic equity. Please contact Doug Luckes, or Rev Michelle Pederson, for info on this event.

Please sign-up if you’re going, in the interest of GNUUC folks sitting together, and for getting together for car-pooling, for those interested. Let’s be well represented there, engaged in community issues of social justice, and informed to discuss the issues with family and friends at GNUUC. Contact Doug Luckes, or Rev Michelle Pederson, to sign-up.

NOAH is now joined by fellow Gamaliel affiliates of: MICAH in Memphis, CALEB in Chattanooga, and ACT in Eastern Tennessee - growing in influence in Tennessee.