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May 12, 2019: Guest Speaker, Rev. Sara Green, "Love on the Front Lines"

  • Greater Nashville UU Congregation 374 Hicks Rd. Nashville, TN 37064 (map)

Corporations have a strong hold on the buzz word "increasing capacity" when referring to the efficiency of their workers. As Unitarian Universalists, what would it mean to be curious about increasing about our capacity to care and love one another? What are the front lines we arrive at that test the stories we tell about ourselves, our communities and families?

Sara Green is the Youth and Young Adults of Color Ministry Associate in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the UUA. She is a southern, cis/queer/poly, Black femme minister living in Lawrenceburg, TN. She imagines beloved community as communities that have the ability to eat good food together, experience pleasure in our bodies and regularly put their hands in soil—all the while free from fear and violence by way of all of the cultural and legal changes that must happen in order for this world to exist. She understands herself as part of a legacy of cultural workers, healers, maroons and creoles, southern queer freedom fighters and artists trying to shape god.