Sunday Lunches Through August - Need Volunteers for September dates

As many of you have heard, Annie and Logan are moving to Knoxville for the near future. We will miss them greatly, especially with the fabulous lunch program they initiated!
We do have a plan for lunches moving forward. Following are lunch hosts through August.

Remember: Other than Potluck Sundays, you can reimburse the cost of the meal from the proceeds! Save your receipts. There is a simple form to fill out to turn in your receipts and record the money generated and cash reimbursed. If you need help with this form, let Kristin Know.

Sunday Lunch Hosts

Sunday, August 11

Lunch hosted by Women's Covenant Group
Contact: Sandy B.

Sunday, August 18

Lunch hosted by the Social Action Team
Contact: Doug L.

Sunday, August 25

Lunch hosted by Youth Group
Contact: Kristin R.

Starting in September: New Lunch Coordinator Needed

Starting in September a new Lunch Coordinator is needed to recruit teams and/or people to provide lunch on the 2nd to 4th/5th Sunday of the month.

We can help you design a digital way to recruit sign-ups as well. Kris and Kristin are looking into this in August. (In addition to the paper method.)

The first Sunday will remain Potluck Sunday! We do need volunteers to help setup and cleanup.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Sundays will be sign-up for teams or groups of friends. If your group would like to go ahead and sign up in September, let Kris or Kristin know!

If you are interested, please talk to Kristin R, Shared Ministry coordinator, or Kris T, Office Administrator.

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