NOAH Issues Convention Selects Education as New Problem Area

GNUUC was well represented at the NOAH Issues Convention, with 15 of us in attendance! Following opening prayers, including one from our own Rev. Dr. Michelle Pederson, delegates listened to two-minute “pitches” for each of the ten proposed problem areas and then voted for the three problem areas for NOAH to focus its work on going forward: Affordable Housing, Economic Equity & Jobs, and Education.

The areas selected closely match the concerns most frequently mentioned in the conversations that GNUUC members and friends took part in as part of our Listening Campaign, namely Affordable Housing, Education, and a tie between Economic/Income Inequality & Jobs and Medical/Healthcare.

A task force will be formed for the new problem area, Education. All GNUUC folks are invited to participate in any of the three NOAH task forces.

Big thanks to those who helped conduct the Listening Campaign, those who agreed to be interviewed, and those who showed up for the Convention last Sunday!