2019 Auction Raised $13,034!


The 2019 Greater Nashville UU Auction raised $13,034!

That is the most we have ever raised during an auction.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the donors and bidders who helped make this happen.

HATS OFF to all of you who brought food, helped set up, provided childcare, entered in bid sheets, and helped clean up.

Also, a SHOUT OUT to the Auction Team for their hard work, countless meetings, and dedication to making this happen: Lindyne Bailey, Sandy Blanz, Ryan Davison, Denise Graves, Sarajane Powell, Kristin Reveal, Theresa Tarkington-Kersey, and Kris Thresher.

For those of you who provided an event or service, we will be emailing out the winners of your event / service by Sunday. The Auction software should have sent out everyone an email receipt. This has gone to some people’s spam folders. If you did not receive a receipt, let us know and we will send you a PDF copy.