Sunday, January 6: Gloria Hausser will be a guest at the Credo discussion

Gloria Hausser will be a guest at the Credo discussion this coming Sunday.  She hopes to become a Metro Councilwoman representing District 22 (a large part of Bellevue), and her interest is in finding out concerns of citizens on issues which the Council decides.  Even though Credo gathers at 9:30am, feel free to enter at any time.  A chair can be added if necessary. We disband at 10:45am.


I grew up in Indiana, lived in New Jersey, and Oklahoma before moving to Chattanooga in 1979, and Nashville in 2013. My parents were both first generation Americans, with a strong sense of doing what is right, and treating everyone with respect.  I was the first one in my family to finish high school let alone earn a Bachelor degree, and MBA.  I finished these degrees while a single mom, working full time.  My career and personal drive has focused on making communities and small businesses better. I’ve been a UU for at least 40 years and will be the second UU to serve on the Metro Council with my daughter being the first.

Gloria J Hausser

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