December Share the Plate Organization Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Guest at Your Table

December Share the Plate Organization

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Guest at Your Table


Our Share-the-Plate partner for the month of December is the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Guest At Your Table Program. UUSC works around the world to promote human rights and social justice, transforming our UU values into action. GNUUC has a long history of supporting UUSC, participating in the Guest at Your Table program for the last 23 years. This year, our primary fundraiser for UUSC will be through our Share-the-Plate program.

GNUUC shares donations equally with our monthly Share the Plate recipients: cash and checks written to GNUUC with “Share the Plate” written on the memo line go to this program. If your check is written toward a pledge, please continue to indicate that on the memo line. When you make your Share-the-Plate donations in December, please use the envelope provided in your order of service, so that we may count cash contributions toward UUSC memberships (any amount qualifies).

The theme for this year’s Guest at Your Table program is Justice Across Borders, focusing on the human rights of asylum seekers attempting to immigrate from Central America to the U.S., many of them fleeing violence in their home countries. UUSC partners with local organizations in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras to address root causes of this forced displacement, works with other organizations to provide safety and legal assistance to those on the migrant trail, and advocates for the rights of asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as others navigating the U.S. immigration system. UUSC partners are documenting abuses in detention centers and at the border, providing legal help to seek asylum, and operating a pro bono hotline for immigrants in detention seeking legal support and to reconnect with their families.

Separate from Share the Plate, at the service on December 2, Stories of Hope booklets will be distributed containing four stories about individuals who have benefitted from UUSC’s work. Children in the RE program will be able to take home Guest at Your Table boxes to keep at their dinner table throughout December and feed with coins as they learn about the people in the Stories. Money collected from these boxes will go to UUSC.

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