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Sunday, June 16: Children's RE: Summer Fun Sunday hosted by Jennie G and Chris G

Children and Youth: Join us for Summer Fun Sundays!

Children’s Religious Education

June 16, 2019

Children and Youth: Join us during Children’s RE on June 9 for a Summer Fun Sunday hosted by Jennie G and Chris G.

About Summer Fun RE

What are Summer Fun Sundays?

During Summer Fun Sundays we combine the children's RE classes into a single multi-age group. We ask for adult volunteers to sponsor a Sunday and come up with fun UU-friendly activities to do for the children. Activities could be as simple as "free play indoors or outdoors" or there could be a planned lesson or activity.

Who are the organizers?

Since Summer Fun Sundays are not part of the official curricula, it is easy to join in when you are in town and enjoy your vacation when you are out-of-town. Each Sunday will be organized by the Lead Facilitator and supported by a Helper Adult and/or teenage youth.

  • The Lead Facilitator is responsible for planning what the kids are going to do that Sunday. It could be as simple as "free play" inside and "playground." It can also be themed, like game day, puzzle day, lego day, or water day. Or it could be organized, like "make puppets," "paint rock pets," "make a puppet show."

  • The Helper Adult just shows up and helps out as a 2nd adult.

  • The Youth Teen Volunteers are youth aged 13 - 18 who help supervise and participate in activities with the kids. We will have them sign the "Youth working with younger children" form before this summer.

What if my Youth Teen does not want to participate in the Summer Fun Sunday?

Youth who are not helping out or participating in the activity are welcome to hang out quietly in the Youth room or attend service with their parents.

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have questions, contact Kristin Reveal, Jennie Gemignani, or Caren Spencer-Smith (whoever is in town!)