Mayoral Runoff Candidates August 18 NOAH Public Meeting

In its public meetings, NOAH is continuing to challenge the candidates: so if Nashville is the "It' city, 'Who is "It" for?" Expect the candidates to challenge each other, more directly and with more ferocity, than they did in the July public meeting. Come hear what the two candidates, David Briley and John Cooper have to say about NOAH’s key issues areas: Affordable Housing, Education (it's the new issue area - voted for by GNUUC to be a top issue area), and Economic Equity and Jobs.

It's Sunday afternoon, August 18 at 3:00 pm, is the NOAH public meeting of the mayoral runoff candidates, 15th Avenue Baptist Church (address is 1203 Ninth Ave North, not on 15th Ave). See Doug Luckes or Nancy Colowick, if you have any questions. To carpool from GNUUC, gather near the main entrance, at 2:00 pm.