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We support one another through community and fellowship.

Join us weekly for lunch after the service, monthly for a Movie/Game/Art/Coffee House night, or for special annual events.


    Monthly Events

    Join us for monthly community events

    Saturday, September 22 “The Big Questions” Foodspark Potluck

    5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    A Saturday evening potluck and community gathering (bring a friend!) as we consider current events and life’s “big questions” together. 

    Saturday, October 20 Game Night + Make Room at the Inn Lunches

    5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    A Saturday evening potluck and community gathering (bring a friend!) as play board games together and make Lunches for Room at the Inn.

    Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving Dinner

    2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Join us for a community Thanksgiving dinner. We provide the turkeys, you bring the sides!

    Saturday, December 1: Hanging of the Greens / Coffeehouse

    5:00  PM - 8:00 PM

    Join us for chili dinner as we decorate the church for the holidays. Afterwards, we have entertainment - a family friendly open mic might!

    Beautiful Grounds, BUilding, Aesthetics


    Still Springs Park

    Memorial Garden. Wooded Trail. Meditation Area. Playground.

    Learn More!

    Building & Grounds Team

    We are fortunate to have amazing facilities for our sanctuary, fellowship hall, and religious education. If you are interested in helping maintain and improve our facilities or grounds, contact Caren Spencer-Smith.

    Weeding and mulching in the Memorial Garden

    Please come and join us - no experience necessary!  This is a great family activity, and a good way in which STUDENTS CAN EARN SERVICE HOURS.  Bring garden gloves, water, and bug spray.

    Upcoming weeding dates are: 

    August 2, Thursday, 1 pm

    August 7, Tuesday, 8 am

    August 16, Thursday, 8 am

    August 19, Sunday, 1 pm

    August 20, Monday, 8 am

    August 27, Monday, 8 am

    Contact Mary Hinton for more information.  Bring water, garden gloves, and bug repellent!


    We find beauty in art and have a long tradition of rotating art displays in the hallway. For information, contact Lenore V.

    To donate towards flowers for Sunday Service, contact Arlene Yeager.

    Pastoral Care and Caring


    Meal Train

    Do you know of someone in the congregation that could benefit from meals during a time of need?

    Meal Train is a great way that we can coordinate to provide meals on specific dates.

    If you can volunteer to make meals on occasion, let Kris Thresher know and we'll include you on the next Meal Train request. It is all coordinated via email. Only sign up for dates you are able to provide.

    pastoral care.jpg

    Pastoral Care

    If you know of someone in the congregation who needs pastoral care, contact Rev. Carmen Emerson.

    Our Lay Pastoral Care Team has been trained to aid in pastoral care needs. If you are interested in joining this team, contact Carmen.