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October 28, 2018: NOAH's Annual Public Meeting with Mayor Briley

  • Watson Grove Baptist Church 1415 Horton Ave. Nashville, TN (map)

NOAH’s Annual Public Meeting

     With Mayor Briley and Schools Director Shawn Joseph

           Sunday October 28 - 3:00 pm at Watson Grove, 1415 Horton Ave.

“An Invitation to Rebuild Public Trust”

Be sure to attend NOAH’s major public meeting on Sunday, October 28, from 3:00 to 4:45 pm. This year the meeting will take place at Watson Grove Baptist Church, 1415 Horton Ave, 37212.

In order to rebuild public trust in our metro government, schools, police, and other public institutions, we need commitments and accountability, and to be included when big decisions are being made. Join with over 1000 others as we meet with Mayor David Briley, Schools Director Shawn Joseph, and Metro Council Members, and we pose such questions as:

  • Why is Nashville’s budget in such a mess? Why are we unable to pay teachers, firefighters, and police their promised cost-of-living increases?

  • How will a “Community Oversight Board” establish accountability and trust between the police and the community?

  • What will be done about Nashville’s continuing affordable housing crisis?

  • Will Metro Schools stop ongoing suspensions and expulsions of Pre-K to 4th grade students that push very young students into the “school-to-prison pipeline”?

Let Nancy Colowick or Doug Luckes know if you plan to attend this important meeting and if you are interested in carpooling.

We will have a follow-up meeting at GNUUC to hear what you found noteworthy in what NOAH, Mayor Briley, and other government officials had to say at this event. Contact Doug Luckes or Nancy Colowick if you have questions related to NOAH.