Congratulations to Stand Up Nashville and NOAH!

Congratulations to Stand Up Nashville and NOAH!

NOAH and Stand Up Nashville SIGNED a Community Benefits Agreement with the developers of the Soccer Stadium September 3.

Then Metro Council approved the Soccer Stadium, September 4.

Stand Up Nashville took the voice of the community and brought it into the development process for the first time in Nashville’s history,” Odessa Kelly, of Stand Up Nashville and NOAH, said. “This is a testament to how a coalition can bring a city together.”

The SIGNED Community Benefits Agreement includes:

   - Affordable & Workforce Housing

   - Quality Permanent Stadium Jobs ($15.50+ hourly wage)

   - Construction Safety Training (Policies to prevent worker deaths)

   - First-source referral to jobs for residents of poverty areas with employment barriers

   - For the construction of the project, priority given to contractors with apprenticeship programs and health coverage.

   - A special focus on Minority Business Enterprises.

   - Commitments to avoid abuses by temp agencies and abusive/exploitative contractors

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