Our Leadership

Ministers and Staff


Rev. Cynthia Cain

Affiliated Community Ministers

Rev. Dr. Michelle Pederson

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Stewart

Minister Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Dan Rosemergy

Music Director

Fran Gebuhr

Office Administrator

Kris Thresher


Board of Directors


Nathanael Reveal


Caren Spencer-Smith


Eddie Bailey


Jennie Gemignani

Directors at Large

Susan Menking
Sandy Blanz
Theresa Tarkington-Kersey


Arleen Yeager

Board Committees

Finance committee

The Finance Committee oversees the financial management of the Congregation and its resources; prepares, coordinates, and recommends financial policy to the board; prepares the budget; conducts the Congregation canvass: its planning, development, and follow-through to completion; and oversees all other fund-raising. The Finance Chair is Kristin Reveal.

The current members of the Finance Committee are:

Kristin Reveal, Chair
Jennie Gemignani, Treasurer
Mary Hinton, Assistant Treasurer
Nathanael Reveal, Board President
Jesse Spencer-Smith, Pledge Drive & Long Range Planning
Ryan Davison, Member-at-Large

Healthy Congregations Team

The Healthy Congregations Team works with the Minister and Board to support the mission and shared ministries of the Congregation, to evaluate the shared ministries of the Congregation, and to support healthy communications practices within the Congregation.

Current members of the Healthy Congregations Team are:

Amy Dudley
Steve Graves
Mary Hinton
Dave Pederson
Jesse Spencer-Smith

Shared Ministries Council

The Shared Ministries Council is comprised of all the committee and task force chairs whose leadership with their teams help us to fulfill our mission as a liberal religious UU congregation serving the Greater Nashville metro area, and surrounding communities. It would be impossible to "do" or to "be" church without these dedicated volunteers!

For more information about these teams see Our Ministries.