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We are Celebrating Membership in March!

In March we are celebrating our membership in Greater Nashville UU Congregation!

Each Sunday, March 10 - March 31, we will be taking updated photos for our Breeze Membership Directory in the entryway. Come by and get a photo of yourself and your family. We will send you the high resolution digital photo for free.

Look for the “draft” copy of the Membership Directory at lunch and make sure your information is correct!

Look for the sign-up sheet for new hard copy Directories that will go our after our Canvassing drive in April. They will be spiral bound and cost $10. If you would lke a PDF copy, it will be free. Of course, you can look up members any time in the Breeze Online Membership Directory.

During your March covenant groups, team meetings, and RE classes, take a group photo. On March 24, immediately after the service, we will take an updated congregation wide photo in from of our Rainbow flag. We will be making a photo album of these photos.

Learn how to get a log into Breeze, our Membership database. In Breeze you can look up photo numbers and emails, fill out reimbursement forms, and even donate money to the congregation. Jesse Spencer-Smith will be available during lunch in March to get you a Breeze invite and make sure you are able to log in.

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