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GNUUC AIDS Walk Community Outreach Booth Oct. 5, 2019
September Share-the-Plate Nashville Cares

GNUUC has raised $2,196 for Nashville Cares, with their matching. Thank you GNUUC members!! Our volunteers at the GNUUC AIDS Walk community outreach booth were: Elizabeth Marlowe, David Frese, Charles S., Wendy S. Alexander, Nancy C., and Doug L.. (See booth photo.) Kristin and Nathanael R., and Kris T., assisted in preparing and organizing GNUUC materials for the booth. 

The weather was perfect, with a lot of visitors to the booth asking about GNUUC and UU’ism, and with conversations with people staffing other organizations’ booths. Our gratitude to all who represented us there, as the Welcoming Community that we are, and as GNUUC, a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

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How to Request an Eblast or OOS Announcement

If you would like to share an announcement or event with the congregation through the weekly eblast or Order of Service, please use the form on the website to do so. For Announcements, click for the link to forms at the top of the Announcements page on the website ( For Events with a date, click for the link to forms at the top of the Events page on the website ( The deadline is Wednesday at 10:30am each week. Click for more details.

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Minister's Notes for the Week of August 28

I was so honored to be a part of Dan Rosemergy’s memorial on Saturday.

Beyond that, I was impressed by the thoughtful, genuine, and elegant handling of everything: the building and grounds modifications; the lovely and delicious reception; the stunning flower displays; and the number of members who stepped up to help make things go smoothly. 

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Minister's Notes for the Week of August 21

I mentioned on Sunday that I have had the privilege of knowing Wendell Berry here in KY. We don’t hang out, but we are acquainted and chat when at the same event. It was I who encouraged the UUA to ask him to give the Ware Lecture when GA was in Louisville in 2013. The UUA President at the time asked Eboo Patel instead, and I was so disappointed! You see, Wendell Berry does not fly, and he was then nearing 80. Instead we invited him to lead our Social Witness event, focusing upon the effects of the coal industry on all of KY, including the areas of Louisville and the Ohio River impacted by the coal slurry ponds and generators.

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Minister's notes from CeeCee

I'm so enjoying getting to know all of you! The photo is of my oldest son, his partner in life and teaching yoga, and her sweet 4 year old, Willow. Willow is the closest thing I may get to a grandchild, and I adore her. She calls me CeeCee and I love it! My grandma name. I can barely imagine a transition more miraculous than my son has undergone in his five years of sobriety. Not all change is for the worse. I think part of my theology is that good things happen, too.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Since we are focusing on transitions this month, I'm going to talk a bit this Sunday (8/11) about how we change things other than ourselves. Last Sunday, I drew your attention to the Serenity Prayer and the three words I think matter the most: serenity, courage, and wisdom. All of these are at our fingertips, and yet they often elude us. Or, they fool us and we easily delude ourselves. A good way to understand this phenomenon is to study the "Near Enemies" of Buddhist practice. Near enemies are qualities that look desirable but are masquerading as something else. The near enemy of wisdom, for example, might be over-intellectualism. Acceptance/serenity? Indifference or despair. Here's a link to learn more about them:

Still, the question remains... can we affect change in others or in the world around us? Feel free to let me know your thoughts or experiences as I prepare for Sunday. You can email me at

I also mentioned a few articles and books in my talk last week. Here are links for those:

The ATLANTIC article on reparations

Michael Eric Dyson's Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America

And here's the Atlantic website that lists all of Coates' articles.

Enjoy and discuss! Looking forward, Cynthia

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CommunityKris Thresher
Greetings from Rev. Cynthia Cain

Greetings GNUUC folks,

As I prepare to leave Kentucky for my first week with you, I am realizing how much of a stranger I am to your state, your congregation, and to each of you. It will take some time for us to become acquainted! And, it might take me a bit longer, since there are about one hundred of you, and only one of me! (I do have a twin sister, but we’re fraternal, and almost nothing alike!) Some things I love are cooking, eating, reading, writing, and all kinds of outdoor activities, especially gardening. I also love meeting new people, and even though I’m an introvert by nature, I love getting to know people and what they love and value.

Still, my mother was born in Nashville in 1916 (she died when I was a small child) and my Grandfather Patton was a newspaperman there. My mother’s family were in Washington County in the early 1700s, and at one time owned much of the land there. So in a weird way, it’s a homecoming.

The next few weeks, I will be talking about Transitions, aware that this is one for you as well as for me. I know you may miss Carmen, and many of you miss Dan as well. I hope our time together will be mutually beneficial, and that we can learn, love, and laugh much together! Here are some ways you can contact me:

Email: (contact the office for cell phone number)

Facebook: I started a page for my friendships with GNUUC. It’s under RevCyn Cain.

I also have Twitter, but don’t use it often. Cyn_cain

Request a meeting: I haven’t set office hours yet, but I will generally be in town Thursdays through Mondays. Since I’m with you on a ¾ time basis, it will be harder for me to take on all the obligations your last minister did, and I’m counting on the leadership and you to help me decide what’s best.

It takes courage to live with integrity during these times. I don’t have all the answers, but I  have the luxury to spend a great deal of time considering and consolidating what kinds of things may help us summon that courage, and I hope to be able to synthesize the ideas and resources I have so that you can use them to better live each day. 

See you on Sunday!


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Contribute to the FLUSH campaign for the August Beautification Effort

We are now accepting donations for GOAL 2 August Beautification of the Building. If you would like to donate to the Beautification efforts, please write a check to GNUUC and put “FLUSH” in the memo line. The amount needed for GOAL 2 is $2,310 ($3,110 less $800 from B&G). We have commitments from individuals and other congregational accounts for $750! Thank you to those individuals and team leaders who have stepped forward. That leaves us with $1,560 that still needs to be generated for GOAL 2. Please be generous!

To read more about the Flush Campaign or make an online donation, click: Donate to the FLUSH Campaign.

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This Saturday, August 3, 1:00 - 6:00: Art Day!

Bring your creative spirits and join us for an afternoon of creating Art! We will have different stations setup with different types of media: Print Making, Paper Marbling, Pipe Cleaner Dolls and Button Bracelets, Design Your Own. Art Day is from 1 PM until 6 PM. Light appetizers and snacks will be served. Come for the entire time, or just for a couple of hours - just make sure to allocate time to finish your project! Questions? Contact Thena

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For August 4 Family Service: We Need Your Photos!

We need your childhood photos! As part of our Family Service on Aug. 4th, as we prepare to welcome our new minister, Cynthia Cain, we'll be talking about transitions and growth and we'd like to use your pictures as part of that joyful service. Please email your photo to Kristin Reveal or Jennie Gemignani, or bring them to church this next Sunday and they'll snap a picture.

Thanks for being part of the service in this way!

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A note of thanks from Rev. Cynthia Cain

Dear Members and Friends of GNUUC:

I thank you most wholeheartedly for the warm and thoughtful welcome during my visit. The food, accommodations, gatherings and meetings were all splendid. I'm so touched. I felt filled up....with information (still doing my homework and getting into the flow!), impressions, smiles and friendly faces, and fabulous food!

There are too many individuals who cooperated to make this weekend memorable, and I don't want to leave anyone out, so I will send some individual notes, but it probably goes without saying that Kristin was extra helpful: patient with my so-so tech knowledge and thoughtful about my needs/wishes. And my hostess, Sarajane, was an exemplary caregiver, chatting and making me feel so at home, but allowing me space to absorb and process names, faces, and data.

One thing you'll discover about me is that I'm a proponent of Appreciative Inquiry, and that I like to task myself with pointing out what's right. I saw so many impressively "right" things at GNUUC, but for now I will mention one: I'm delighted with how the leaders interact with one another, saying, "May I use you as an example?" or "May I talk about this thing involving you?" It's the gold standard for healthy communication, and I myself will learn to do this more often! Just as toxicity can infest a system, goodwill and consideration can also filter out from the core leaders. You all should feel great about this!

I'm still looking for a more permanent place to live while in Nashville. A small studio apartment or a wing with bed and bath that I can rent for a year at a time would be perfect. I am not supposed to house with GNUUC members, but if you know of a person who is not a GNUUC member who may have such a space, and may consider a quiet, considerate, and low maintenance renter, please send me a note! Thanks and....see you in August!

Rev. Cain (Cynthia is fine!)

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Sunday, July 21, 2019: Special Potluck Honoring Rev. Cynthia Cain

In honor of the visit of Rev. Cynthia Cain, and because our kitchen manager, Annie Terrell, is the Summer Song Presenter, the developmental ministry selection task force is planning a potluck for lunch on July 21st. We hope folks will bring their special dish, whatever that is. If you don't have a special dish or you don't cook, we want you to come anyway and enjoy the meal and fellowship. We will assure there is plenty of food. Please plan to participate.

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In Memory of Dan Rosemergy

Dan Rosemergy died at home about 10:30 on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 in the care of his wife, Jan. Dan was under Hospice care for a serious respiratory failure but his death was sudden due to a low-oxygen episode.

Plans are still being made for a memorial service, which will include both Brookmeade UCC where he was minister for 25 years or more and GNUUC where he was a welcome and active friend from our inception and later our minister for 10 years. Dan left some instructions for his memorial service and we will do all that we can to assist Jan in implementing the plan. She is considering a time in late August for the service.

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Sunday, June 23, 2019, 1:00 PM: Inter-generational House Concert: Everyone Come!

Join us for an interactive Inter-generational House Concert hosted by our own Roger Wiesmeyer. Roger plays oboe & english horn for the Nashville Symphony. He also plays piano and loves Mozart! This is an Auction event, so if you purchased a ticket then, you are set. Otherwise, just email Kristin to attend. Are funds tight this month? Email Kristin about adult, teen and child scholarships, several people originally signed up and will be out-of-town, so she has extra tickets! Click more for details on pricing…

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Saturday, June 22, 2019: 9:15 AM: Join us for the Nashville Pride Parade and Festival

Hang out with your friends at Greater Nashville UU Congregation at the Nashville Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 22nd. UPDATED MEETING LOCATION: We have been invited to march with the Nashville Peace and Justice Center. Look for spot #60 on Broadway, near 10th Ave, in front of the Union Station Hotel. Text Kristin if you come and we can coordinate via group messaging. Once in the festival, we can disperse into smaller groups.Click the title to find out more and to see map…

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Write a Reflection for the E-Blast

Did you know we have a Reflections blog? Members can write up a reflection and we can include it in our weekly e-blast. Reflection topics may be on any topic. They often reflect our UU principles or values used in everyday life. To submit a Reflection, email it to Kristin or Logan.

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Stories of UUs Wanted (deadline June 30)

Read letter from UU History Renaissance Module: Submit stories for our collection, “The Every Day UU: Now and Then.” As part the UU History Renaissance Module, we were required to create a final project that would connect with what we had learned in the course. It became evident to us that although we have numerous stories that document the achievements of some UUs, many voices are missing. We don’t have a collection of stories about UUs, who in living their faith, make small differences every day. Moving forward we thought it would be great to begin this process of sharing stories about our congregants from the past and present. Read how to contribute…

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