Greetings from Rev. Cynthia Cain

Greetings GNUUC folks,

As I prepare to leave Kentucky for my first week with you, I am realizing how much of a stranger I am to your state, your congregation, and to each of you. It will take some time for us to become acquainted! And, it might take me a bit longer, since there are about one hundred of you, and only one of me! (I do have a twin sister, but we’re fraternal, and almost nothing alike!) Some things I love are cooking, eating, reading, writing, and all kinds of outdoor activities, especially gardening. I also love meeting new people, and even though I’m an introvert by nature, I love getting to know people and what they love and value.

Still, my mother was born in Nashville in 1916 (she died when I was a small child) and my Grandfather Patton was a newspaperman there. My mother’s family were in Washington County in the early 1700s, and at one time owned much of the land there. So in a weird way, it’s a homecoming.

The next few weeks, I will be talking about Transitions, aware that this is one for you as well as for me. I know you may miss Carmen, and many of you miss Dan as well. I hope our time together will be mutually beneficial, and that we can learn, love, and laugh much together! Here are some ways you can contact me:

Email: (contact the office for cell phone number)

Facebook: I started a page for my friendships with GNUUC. It’s under RevCyn Cain.

I also have Twitter, but don’t use it often. Cyn_cain

Request a meeting: I haven’t set office hours yet, but I will generally be in town Thursdays through Mondays. Since I’m with you on a ¾ time basis, it will be harder for me to take on all the obligations your last minister did, and I’m counting on the leadership and you to help me decide what’s best.

It takes courage to live with integrity during these times. I don’t have all the answers, but I  have the luxury to spend a great deal of time considering and consolidating what kinds of things may help us summon that courage, and I hope to be able to synthesize the ideas and resources I have so that you can use them to better live each day. 

See you on Sunday!


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