A note of thanks from Rev. Cynthia Cain

Dear Members and Friends of GNUUC:

I thank you most wholeheartedly for the warm and thoughtful welcome during my visit. The food, accommodations, gatherings and meetings were all splendid. I'm so touched. I felt filled up....with information (still doing my homework and getting into the flow!), impressions, smiles and friendly faces, and fabulous food!

There are too many individuals who cooperated to make this weekend memorable, and I don't want to leave anyone out, so I will send some individual notes, but it probably goes without saying that Kristin was extra helpful: patient with my so-so tech knowledge and thoughtful about my needs/wishes. And my hostess, Sarajane, was an exemplary caregiver, chatting and making me feel so at home, but allowing me space to absorb and process names, faces, and data.

One thing you'll discover about me is that I'm a proponent of Appreciative Inquiry, and that I like to task myself with pointing out what's right. I saw so many impressively "right" things at GNUUC, but for now I will mention one: I'm delighted with how the leaders interact with one another, saying, "May I use you as an example?" or "May I talk about this thing involving you?" It's the gold standard for healthy communication, and I myself will learn to do this more often! Just as toxicity can infest a system, goodwill and consideration can also filter out from the core leaders. You all should feel great about this!

I'm still looking for a more permanent place to live while in Nashville. A small studio apartment or a wing with bed and bath that I can rent for a year at a time would be perfect. I am not supposed to house with GNUUC members, but if you know of a person who is not a GNUUC member who may have such a space, and may consider a quiet, considerate, and low maintenance renter, please send me a note! Thanks and....see you in August!

Rev. Cain (Cynthia is fine!)


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