Members & Friends: Together We Grow - Make a Pledge to Greater Nashville UU


An Invitation to Pledge

[T]o join with others to shape a future is the holiest act. This is hard work, and it never stops being hard, but this collective dreaming / designing is the only way we get to keep surviving, and this practice defines us as a community.

- Charlie Jane Anders

Read an Invitation to Pledge Letter from Jesse Spencer-Smith, our Pledge Coordinator

Listen to Jesse’s Sermon on Stewardship

Annual Pledge Drive

Our Annual Canvassing Drive is April 14 - April 21. In order to sustain our mission we count on your support.

Members and Friends, please consider pledging financially. Your contribution is tax deductible. Help us meet our goal of $121,000!

Online Pledge Card

Set Up Payments

Don't want to have to write a check every month? You can set up payments to be directly debited from your bank account or to charge your debit/credit card. If you use a credit card, please consider adding 3% to cover credit card processing fees.

You can change your contribution amount and see contribution history in our Breeze,

Pointers for Setting Up Recurring Contributions

  • Make sure to choose “Sustaining Pledge” and to change the frequency from “one time gift” to your preferred option (monthly, etc).

  • If you already have a recurring pledge payment in Breeze, make sure to edit it instead of using this form. This form sets up a new recurring payment.

  • Need help? Contact Jesse!