GNUUC AIDS Walk Community Outreach Booth Oct. 5, 2019      September Share-the-Plate Nashville Cares

GNUUC has raised $2,196 for Nashville Cares, with their matching. Thank you GNUUC members!! Our volunteers at the GNUUC AIDS Walk community outreach booth were: Elizabeth Marlowe, David Frese, Charles S., Wendy S. Alexander, Nancy C., and Doug L.. (See booth photo.) Kristin and Nathanael R., and Kris T., assisted in preparing and organizing GNUUC materials for the booth. 

The weather was perfect, with a lot of visitors to the booth asking about GNUUC and UU’ism, and with conversations with people staffing other organizations’ booths. Our gratitude to all who represented us there, as the Welcoming Community that we are, and as GNUUC, a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

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