Children's Religious Education (CRE)


About Children's Religious Education (CRE)

Children’s religious education programs are typically offered on Sunday mornings. You might find preschoolers singing a song about making new friends, elementary aged children engaging with a story about loss and bereavement, or older youth speaking to the congregation about their plan to raise money for a local homeless shelter. Religious education programs include more than classes. Programs may incorporate social justice and community service activities, worship opportunities, or creating art to share with the congregation.

At Greater Nashville UU, we use the Tapestry of Faith programming. This set of programs and resources for all ages are designed to nurture Unitarian Universalist identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love. To find out more, click Tapestry of Faith.

There are many ideas that become integrated into our children and youth UU identity through religious education classes.

  • In each class, children and youth light a chalice and share their Joys and Concerns.

  • Each class has a Covenant that they wrote together. The covenant describes how they will act so that their actions are in right relation with each other. For example, the Youth Covenant includes items like "Respect Shrek" (respect those who have different interests that you), "Don't Burst My Bubble" (keep your body in your own space), and "Share I Statements" (only share what your experiences are - not those of others).

  • Each class learns our UU value of acceptance and are introduced to images and stories of many different types of families, customs, races, and cultures.

  • Each class learns ways to support each other in their beliefs, as well as how to stand up for their beliefs in the larger society.

At Greater Nashville UU we are also very aware of children and youth with learning differences and make it part of our mission to plan lessons so that all children can participate and learn.

Unitarian Universalism’s 7 Principles for Children
(Sung to the Tune of “Doe, a Deer”)
One, each person is worthwhile,
Two, be kind in all you do,
Three, we help each other learn,
Four, and search for what is true.
Five, all people get a vote.
Six, build a fair and peaceful world,
Seven, we take care of the earth,
Which will bring us back to me and UU. . .

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