Board Information

The GNUUC board meets on the 3rd Sunday of every month. The agenda for the upcoming meeting is published on the 2nd Sunday. Under the Governance and Ministry model, the Board focuses on the creation of congregational policy that helps ensure our resources are directed effectively to advance our mission. The Board publishes its meeting to help document the process by which polices are created. Board minutes are not policy documents themselves.

2018-2019 Board Meeting minutes

June 2019
May 2019
Annual Congregation Meeting (May 2019)
April 2019
March 2019
February 2019
January 2019
December 2018
November 2018 (No Board Meeting)
October 2018
September 2018
August 2018 (Annual Board Retreat)

2017-2018 Board Meeting minutes

July 2018
June 2018 (No Board Meeting)
May 2018
May 2018 Congregational Meeting
April 2018
March 2018
February 2018
January 2018
December 2017 (No Board Meeting)
November 2017 (No Board Meeting)
October 2017
September 2017
August 2017
July 2017 (No Board Meeting)
June 2017