March Share the Plate: Nashville Chapter Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Nashville Chapter Americans United for Separation of Church and State is the organization with which we share the offering plate in March.  The chapter has affiliated with the Tennessee Public Education Coalition (21 organizations) to work for support of public schools and oppose school vouchers.  Your funding helped enable buying 50 lunches at Belmont University when we hosted the Baptist minister's whirlwind trip of the state to establish Pastors for Tennessee Children.  The chapter also helped sponsor NaNoCon, the secular gathering of some 500 "Nashville Nones" on March 23 at Glencliff High School.  Your donations will also help finance the April "Cookie Caper," when coalition forces will descend on the Legislature with school-bus-decorated cookies to emphasize our opposition to taking tax funds from public schools and giving them to schools which have been established to inculcate in religion.

The chapter has surveyed some 1500 bills in the legislature and selected those which have church-state implications.  Some are reproductive rights, LGBT rights, special religious treatment, amending the Tennessee Constitution.  Notices about some will be sent in hope of reaching thousands of people.

Americans United also is supportive of Radio Free Nashville (107.3 and 107.1), which is all-volunteer and enables local programming of music and talk.  The network programming is of a liberal slant, such as Democracy Now.  Church and State Today radio program is every Wednesday from 3 to 4 pm and features Rabbi Cliff Fiedler.  Rachel Sumner has the 4:30 to 5 slot for Rachel's Fun Time for kiddies.

Americans United supports and is part of the coalition which is Nashville Peace and Justice Center, with which we recently shared the plate.  Our former pastor, Rev. Dan Rosemergy was a founder of that group.

Resolutions are passed by our denomination periodically.  One of these said: "Support the efforts of organizations working to preserve and strengthen separation of church and state in the United States through litigation, legislation, and education."

Social JusticeKris Thresher