August 2017

As a child growing up in Arkansas, 3 things signified that summer was really, truly here: catching fireflies in old pickle jars (with holes punched in the lids, of course!); sitting on the back porch steps to eat my grandfather's homemade banana ice cream; and endless hours of play, twilight the final call to go inside -- tired, dirty, happy -- for a bath and all our family's good night rituals, including night time prayers, our clean little hands dutifully folded in earnest gratitude for a good day.

As a minister returned to the South, summer is now marked by rest and renewal as I and your congregation's leaders think about and plan for the church year ahead of us. I was reminded on my recent return visit to First Unitarian Albuquerque (my internship church, now grown to 850 members) of just how much I enjoy collaborating with strong teams who rise to the call of making congregational life together a thriving, growing, accessible, meaningful one.

If you know yourself to be a strong member of a strong team that supports the inreach, outreach, and overall health of GNUUC, thank you! If you are yearning for deeper connections and involvement, ready to be more collaborator than consumer, please know that we're so ready for your involvement! Please let me or any of your other leaders know of your interests, and we will help you find a meaningful connection here, for yourself and for the good of the whole.

As summer strides purposefully towards fall, please come to our Summersong worship services to hear your friends and peers reflect on their understanding of "The Good Life." Our Summersong series continues through August 13th (see "Worship Matters" on page 1 for details).

Whatever your joys of summer, may they be many and may you be sharing them with those you love most.

In our faith,

Rev. Carmen Emerson

P.S. If you're traveling over the summer, or spending time with special people in special places, don't forget to gather a small bit of water to share in our Ingathering Water Communion in September!