NOAH, on the move ...

The Transit Project, with its referendum coming up for a vote in early 2018, is prominent in the Metro Nashville news. But experts at the Federal Reserve say that a light rail transit plan can make gentrification WORSE without a plan to provide more affordable housing!  Nashville should link transit AND housing together!

The Mayor appointed a special committee on “Transit and Affordability”, which includes Paulette Coleman, chair of the NOAH Affordable Housing Task Force.  Recent meetings of this committee have been encouraging!  Some stiff requirements for affordable housing in any transit plan are being recommended by a subcommittee. Nancy and Doug have attended meetings of the committee and subcommittee.

Metro Council - “Do Better” Bill for Development Subsidies

December 19 Nancy and Doug attended the Metro Council meeting, with other NOAH representatives as members of the public, in support of the “Do Better” bill before the Metro Council. The NOAH economic equity task force is organizing and advocating for the the “Do Better” bill. It would require companies to file a report before subsidies are awarded, on how many jobs they intend to create during and after construction, whether the jobs would be temporary or permanent, and whether they would be filled by Davidson County residents. It would also make companies file quarterly progress reports. Anthony Davis and co-sponsor Fabian Bedne, plus more than 20 other council members, voted to pass the bill at its 2nd reading, at the December 19 meeting. To be enacted the bill must pass at its third and final reading at the January 2 Metro Council meeting.

Criminal Justice is advancing on multiple fronts:

1. The school discipline subcommittee held four area meetings on the school-to-prison pipeline and racial disparities in school discipline. They are also planning to pursue additional funding for discipline problem solving “restorative practices” programs.

2. The mental health subcommittee is working with Dr. Paul (Health Department) and Sheriff Hall, and a statewide network on funding, on the mental health diversions project.

3. The policing practices subcommittee is working on getting a Community Oversight Board. The Metro Council is actively seeking input from stakeholders.

4. A new subcommittee is looking at problems with “money bail”, which keeps lower-income people in jail, when they cannot afford bail, causing loss of jobs, and further financial and family stress.

NOAH Meetings

NOAH’S Monthly Board Meeting

Everyone is invited!

Tuesday, January 9, 6:30pm

Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church

(1203 Ninth Avenue North)