NOAH - National Training Week Here,
Task Forces Succeed

Gamaliel National 7-Day Training to be held here in Tennessee (March 4 - 10)

Leaders from all over the country come to this national training, which is held 3 times a year. This is the FIRST TIME that we will have it in Tennessee. These training events teach ordinary people to unleash the power within themselves to create change in their communities. For the first time, this training will be here in Tennessee — Sunday evening, March 4; through Saturday, March 10. It will be at Henry Horton State Park, about 50 miles south of Nashville.

It is agitational and gives people the chance to think about our present and future roles in the public arena. Start-up fellow Gamaliel community organizations’ members, from major cities in Tennessee, will also be attending. One day these organizations, can organize at the state level, to influence Tennessee legislation, as Gamaliel organizations do in other states.

No cost for tuition, just for food and lodging. See Nancy Colowick or Doug Luckes for more info on the training or on registration.

Task Force Reports

· Affordable Housing - Report of Mayor's “Transit and Affordability” Committee includes commitment to affordable housing. NOAH task force members, including Nancy Colowick and Doug Luckes, attended committee and subcommittee meetings. The Affordable Housing Task Force has also had two op-eds in the Tennessean and our chair, Paulette Coleman, was on a panel at the Tennessean event on “Growth and Change in Nashville.”

· Criminal Justice - Seeking funding for school discipline “restorative practice” programs to address racial disparities in application of school discipline, including expulsion.

· Economic Equity & Jobs - Successful push for Metro Council to pass the “Do Better” ordinance. Companies applying for incentives in Nashville will be required to disclose how many county residents they plan to hire, anticipated wages, whether they had any safety violations, among other workforce details.

NOAH Meetings

NOAH’S Monthly Board Meeting

Everyone is invited!

Tuesday, February 13, 6:30 PM


Gordon Memorial United Methodist Church

(2334 Herman Street)