Become a Chalice Lighter

A Chalice Lighter is a person, a couple, or even a group of people who pledges to respond with a contribution when the call comes that it’s time to light a chalice within the Southern District. Calls support specific growth initiatives in individual congregations. No more than three times a year, you will receive a letter explaining who has applied for a call and what the funds will be used for. You can contribute any amount $10 or above.

Greater Nashville UU has received Chalice Lighter grants twice, once when we were trying to hire a full-time minister and again when we bought our own building. Each grant was for more than $15,000. We may want to apply for another grant in the future. The more Chalice Lighters we have, the better it looks when we apply.

Please contact Doug Luckes if you want to be added as a Chalice Lighter.

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